Management Staff

Lynn Beals

Hospital Practice Manager

Lynn grew up in Massachusetts but came to love Maine during her many years teaching horseback riding at a summer camp in her youth. She graduated from the University of Southern Maine with a degree in English, but after spending many years as a stay-at-home mom, she decided to nurture her love of animals by joining our team in December 2010 as a receptionist. A few years later she was promoted to Lead Receptionist, then Assistant Manager and finally, Manager. She shares a home with her husband, 2 of 3 adult children, and their two cats; Babette and Tango. When not at work, Lynn enjoys spending time with her family, reading, sewing, singing, and photography.

Heather G.

Team Leader

Heather was born in Biddeford and has lived in Maine her whole life. She currently lives with her three cats (Churro, Puck, and Kubota) and her Hound mix, Red. She also has her corn snake (Medusa) and her ball python (Andromeda). Heather has been with Biddeford Animal Hospital since the summer of 2003; she began here with as an intern from New Hampshire Community Technical College. She graduated from NHCTC (now Great Bay) in 2004 and has since been working full-time with us. She enjoys learning and has been improving her skills at drawing animals. Other interests include behavior, nutrition, and reptiles. In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her pets, reading and spending time with friends and family.



You MAY see Wasabi on a visit to our office; then again, you may not. Unlike his predecessor, Sushi, Wasabi prefers life behind the scenes and is reluctant to greet his adoring public. Although, on rare occasions, he has been known to give unsuspecting admirers a head boop when they’re not looking. He’s not a great supurrvisor to be honest and is asleep on the job most of the time, but we love him anyway. Wasabi enjoys stealing catnip pillows, burrowing under the couch cover in the cat room, hiding in cupboards at the end of the day so we need to execute an all-staff cat-hunt before we can leave, and rolling in things he shouldn’t roll in.


In Memoriam

12/3/04 – 8/10/23 

We adopted Sushi in the fall of 2014 and he was an integral part of the life of the hospital for almost 9 years, earning the role of Supurrvisor. Sushi took his job very seriously and was loved by all, staff and clients alike, though maybe not by the dogs that he would routinely stare down in the lobby 😉 He could most often be found napping in his “Supurrvisor” basket on the counter, though he sometimes went into the treatment area to demand attention or treats. We all know cats don’t have owners, they have “staff,” but Sushi took this to a new level. Thank you all for loving Sushi as much as we did and appreciating his awesomeness. He will be forever missed.