Management Staff

Lynn Beals

Hospital Practice Manager

Lynn grew up in Massachusetts but came to love Maine during her many years teaching horseback riding at a summer camp in her youth. She graduated from the University of Southern Maine with a degree in English, but after spending many years as a stay-at-home mom, she decided to nurture her love of animals by joining our team in December 2010 as a receptionist. A few years later she was promoted to Lead Receptionist, then Assistant Manager and finally, Manager. She shares a home with her husband, 2 of 3 adult children, and their two cats; Babette and Tango. When not at work, Lynn enjoys spending time with her family, reading, sewing, singing, and photography.

Heather G.

Team Leader

Heather was born in Biddeford and has lived in Maine her whole life. She currently lives with her three cats (Churro, Puck, and Kubota) and her Hound mix, Red. She also has her corn snake (Medusa) and her ball python (Andromeda). Heather has been with Biddeford Animal Hospital since the summer of 2003; she began here with as an intern from New Hampshire Community Technical College. She graduated from NHCTC (now Great Bay) in 2004 and has since been working full-time with us. She enjoys learning and has been improving her skills at drawing animals. Other interests include behavior, nutrition, and reptiles. In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her pets, reading and spending time with friends and family.



The most important job as Biddeford Animal Hospital is to make sure the baskets on the reception counter don’t run away on us. Sushi can often be found holding these baskets in place. Sometimes it takes so long that he accidentally falls asleep! Between these exhausting basket-holding sessions, Sushi has taken it upon himself to follow dogs around the clinic so that they don’t forget that he is the King here, and they should conduct themselves accordingly. During downtime, he enjoys sitting in boxes, eating cookies (Shh! Don’t tell the human staff) and walking very close to the human staffs’ feet or sleeping in paths and entryways, earning the nickname Mr. Indaway. During the weekend, he can be found at his vacation home, teaching his weekend family about all of the glorious wonders of living with the Sushi.


Assistant  Supurrrvisor

Wasabi’s self-given mission in life is to defeat his arch nemesis – the grooming clippers- and collect as many small plastic toys as possible. His never-ending search for toys and treats sometimes leads him into the dangers of the waiting room, but he prefers to spend most of his time helping the technicians in the treatment area. His top achievement is hide-and-seek champion of the hospital; sometimes, if you’re lucky, you can see whole teams of technicians searching him out! At closing time the technicians have to put him and Sushi in their apartments (or they will set the alarm off), so he waits until about 10 minutes to close and poof he’s gone! His record is he kept them here 30 minutes after close looking for him. The next day he received a lecture from management, but he wasn’t fazed by it! Another favorite hobby he has is stealing catnip pillows off of the reception counter. He steals them then runs to the back to hide them. He leaves with Sushi on the weekends for his vacation home, but is always ready to return to his post Monday morning.