Wellness Plans

What are Petly Health Wellness Plans?

Our affordable monthly payment plans make it easy to say yes to all of the care your pets need.

At Biddeford Animal Hospital we believe prevention is the best medicine, so we offer Wellness Plans that allow pet owners to keep their pets happy and healthy, no matter their age or breed

All plans include:

  • Low monthly payments
  • Recommended vaccines
  • Lab testing and exams
  • Discounts on preventatives and microchipping
  • Complimentary nail trims, medical waste disposal and technician appointment fees!

We offer customized plans for puppies, kittens, adult dogs and adult cats.  See below for more information on what each plan includes.

We offer customized plans for puppies, kittens, adult dogs and adult cats.

See below for more information on what each plan includes.

Individual Plan Highlights:

Kitten/Puppy Complete Plan:

Puppy/Kitten Complete is designed for your pet’s first year and includes wellness examinations, core vaccine series, and basic laboratory tests to ensure your puppy or kitten gets off to a great start!

Kitten/Puppy Comprehensive Plan:

Puppy/Kitten Comprehensive includes all the benefits of our Complete plan PLUS the addition of our routine spay or neuter surgery package, including pre-anesthetic blood work.

Adult Cat/Dog Basic Plan:

Adult Basic is designed to keep your adult dog or cat healthy and happy during the prime years of life. This plan includes two wellness care examinations, core vaccine boosters, and basic annual laboratory tests.

Adult Cat/Dog Complete Plan:

Adult Complete is designed to help manage evolving health care needs and includes everything in our Basic plan PLUS the addition of an annual urinalysis and wellness blood work panel, as well as offering UNLIMITED additional exams at a low copay.

Adult Cat/Dog Comprehensive Plan:

Adult Comprehensive is our most comprehensive plan and includes biannual expanded blood work panels, and our routine dental cleaning package.

What about cost?

There is a one-time setup fee of $99.95 which is due at the time of enrollment.  There is also a low monthly fee which varies by plan.

While the plans are designed to be a way of spreading out the cost of your routine veterinary care over a year’s period, wellness plan participants enjoy cost savings and discounts that are built into the plans.

Individual plan information and costs:

How do I enroll?

Enrolling is easy.  Simply let a staff member know at your next visit that you would like to enroll.  Payment information is entered into a secure software that automatically deducts the plan cost from your bank account or charges to a credit or debit card monthly.

To learn more about creating a Wellness Plan that’s right for your pet, call us or visit the hospital today.